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Did you know that just about anybody can be a tax preparer?  Why hire somebody with six weeks of training from a big franchise operation to prepare your taxes when you can get a real accountant with six years of training for less?  I am a CPA with a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) and 25 years of financial and accounting experience.

How can I afford to be so reasonably priced?  It's very simple!  I have a very low overhead operation.  I didn’t pay a $40,000 franchise fee to start my tax service company.  I don’t pay monthly royalty fees to some out of state fat cat. I didn’t have to buy an expensive company sign or logo or contribute to a national TV advertising campaign.  I already paid for my six years of college training many years ago.  The only expense I have is my modest office and continuing professional education.

I end up amending about 60% of the tax returns that new clients bring me from franchise tax services.  (Many times this pays my fee many times over.)  

Many of the tax returns I amend are from people who tried to save money by using Turbo Tax and ended up costing themselves thousands of dollars.  I think Turbo Tax is a great product, but the results you get from Turbo Tax are only as good as what you know to put into it. Garbage in garbage out.  Ever hear of the saying: “You don’t know what you don’t know”!  When it comes to taxes this can be a very costly mistake.